7 Reasons Why You Should Stand While Working

#1 You will live longer

Studies have shown that people who sit for long periods have an increased risk of a number of serious illnesses and early death. Sitting can increase the of mortality from cardiovascular disease by up to 90% and the risk of diabetes by as much as 112%.

#2 Reduce anxiety

You can also cut the risk of developing depression. A study published in the Association for Psychological Science has shown that sitting for 6 hours or more can leave you with a greater risk of developing both anxiety and depression.

#3 Loose weight

Yes really! According to a study in a journal in the Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews sitting for long periods decreases the effectiveness of the fat burning enzyme, lipoprotein lipase.

#4 Improve your posture

If you spend large parts of the day sitting it can gradually adversely affect your posture. As long as your standing desk is set up correctly with your computer screen at eye level it can help overall improve posture. As a an added bonus some studies show that your core strength will improve as well.

#5 Improve productivity

Because your mood can improve while standing you are more likely to be productive when you work. A study has shown that some people can be up to 45% more productive if standing and working.

#6 Help with back pain

Some studies have also shown that standing and working can help with back pain. With some people reporting that back pain decreased after standing to work for 4 weeks. People then reported an increase in back pain within 2 weeks of sitting and working again.

#7 Increase Energy levels

Contrary to what you might think standing and working can actually help you have more energy. 87% of participants in a 2011 CDC study noted they felt more energised. They reported feeling less fatigue and more vigor during the day.

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