Entrance Mats Suited For Inside and/or Outside Use

That first impression doesn’t arrive twice. At The Mat Expert we supply the best in hard wearing entrance matting. Built to last we have a wide range of commercial barrier mats to suit all buildings. Whether you need a logo mat for your commercial office entrance or perhaps, a tough rubber backed entrance mat, we have a solution for your matting requirements. Need a dust mat but looking for a value option? We have a great range of value hard wearing vinyl backed mats. We also have professional rubber backed matting in various sizes and deep colours to suit your needs. It’s not only dust and dirt that you need a dependable door mat for. At The Mat Expert we have a range of tough barrier mats for your business entrance – including matting that can absorb up to 4.5 litres of water. Helping to mitigate the risk of slipping in your building.
For a cleaner safer environment the entrance mat you can rely on.

Did you know? Having adequate floor matting in appropriate areas of your building can enhance air quality. By trapping dirt in mat fibres you are reducing the dust being circulated in the air. The correct use of barrier matting can act as a filter in your office, retail or hospitality setting.

If you have any questions contact us. We can supply one mat or 100+ delivery is free and we are always here to help.

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