Anti Fatigue Matting For An Industrial Environment

For some it is a requirement of their profession that they stand while working. To avoid strain on muscles and joints it is advisable to provide anti fatigue matting. In various settings, industrial machining, warehousing, industrial production hard wearing anti fatigue matting is required. At The Mat Expert we have a wide range of full rubber and foam core anti fatigue mats. Made to last in industrial settings. The fatigue caused by long periods standing to work can cause muscle fatigue as well as unwelcome wear and tear on joints. Sufficient anti fatigue matting can help mitigate the risk of lost working time and increase productivity.

We have various sizes of anti fatigue matting that also come with various anti slip patterns and drainage options. All have a low profile design to help avoid trips and some are suitable for roll over cart traffic.

If you need any help please do contact us. We’re a friendly lot and we’ll do what we can to help get the most appropriate matting for your needs.

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