CleverMat Indoor Entrance Mat Value Barrier Matting

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Absorbs dust and moisture – Traps in the fibres and below the surface – Easy to clean and manoeuvre – Hard wearing vinyl backing – x4 colours, Brown, Red, Blue and Grey – x4 Sizes, 60 x 90cm, 90 x 120cm, 90 x 150cm, 120 x 180cm – More Info here



Need an entrance mat that provides an excellent barrier but also provides super value for money. Consider The Mat Expert CleverMat Indoor Entrance Mat Value Barrier Matting.

Built to last it will serve you well in any busy public area or even at home. Soft but tough fibres will trap dirt within them. Also the CleverMat has marvelous moisture absorption properties, a worthy partner at any doorway or entrance inside. Trust The Mat Expert CleverMat great dirt trapping door matting. The base of this doormat is made from robust vinyl and has low edging the help avoid trips. The patterned and textured underside of the Clevermat helps to keep it in situ and provides non slip properties.

Available in various sizes to appropriately suit the requirements of your door or entrance and fit correctly. Also available in four colours so you choose the most appropriate for the decor of the building.

Easy cleaning, brush or hoover as and when required. Wipe down vinyl edging with mild detergent.

Backed by The Mat Expert 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects and made in the EU.

Base of CleverMat made of tough vinyl
Top made of dust absorbing velour
The CleverMat Value Barrier Matting is available in x4 Sizes, 60 x 90cm, 90 x 120cm, 90 x 150cm, 120 x 180cm
x4 colours, Brown, Red, Blue and Grey

Suitable building types for this matting? – office inside entrance, indoors restaurant/bar/hotel/hospitality entrance, factory entrance
Where do I place this mat in the building? – entrance inside, inner doorway, office inner entrance

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120×180, 60×90, 90×120, 90×150