GripDrainer Full Rubber Mat

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– Ideal to use in kitchens, food production and anywhere drainage is a priority – Full rubber construction with raised gripping pattern – Excellent to use in wet areas – Anti Fatigue properties – One size 90 x 120cm – See further information about this mat here


Our GripDrainer Full Rubber Mat is suitable for use in any number of locations. Used in commercial kitchens, food production, bars industrial production and wet areas such as washrooms and gyms.

A full rubber mat with support for muscles and joints. Helps increase productivity by reducing fatigue when standing and working. Durable rubber construction with supported ribbing underneath which also helps reduce movement in either wet or dry environments. Also, thick rubber provides substantial support underfoot.
Drainage gaps disperse liquids away from the mat surface. Bevelled edges can reduce tripping hazards in the workplace and also accommodate wheeled traffic if needed.

One size 90 x 120cm
13mm thick rubber

Suitable building types? – professional restaurant kitchen, catering production, industrial production, workshop, hospitality, factory, garage
Where do I place this mat in the building? – chef workstation, food production facility, professional kitchen, industrial workstation, wet areas, bar/hospitality

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