Loose Cable Protector Cable Tidy Nylon Top Mat

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– Guard against tripping hazards from loose cables – Bright hazard awareness edging – Can be used in areas with underfloor heating – Size 40 x 120cm – Hard wearing nylon surface – See further information about this mat here


One of the most common accidents in an office is tripping on loose cables. Sometimes cables can not be completely hidden and need to run through an area where people walk. Get our Loose Cable Protector Cable Tidy Nylon Top Mat.

Made with a really tough full rubber base that features anti slip properties. Also includes robust yet comfortable nylon top & edging of bright yellow hazard indicating edging. You can be assured that our Loose Cable Protector Cable Tidy will be dependable matting wherever you need to use it.

The Cable Protector Mat will hold cables in place due to the specially designed underside that has a channel where multiple cables will fit. The addition of the brightly coloured hazard warning edging also helps to highlight a possible tripping risk.
Check for hazards that could cause tripping from trailing and loose cables and wires. Look around colleague workstations, desks, walking routes, corridors etc. Tidy anything away that doesn’t need to be there and always use suitable cable protection matting where cables cannot be completely hidden.
Don’t take the chance in your workplace and where possible lessen the risk.

Suitable building types – industrial facility, office, hospitality, factory, workshop, garage, laboratory
Where do I place this mat in the building? – workstations, walkways, under desk, data station

Also available in full Rubber here

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