Loose Cable Protector Cable Tidy Rubber Top Mat

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– Guard against tripping hazards from loose cables – Made from full rubber, extremely tough and hard wearing – Bright hazard awareness edging – Can be used in areas with underfloor heating – One size – 40 x 120cm – See further information about this mat here


A regular incident in various workplaces is trips from trailing cabling. Where it is not possible to completely hide loose cables safely hide them with The Mat Expert Loose Cable Protector Cable Tidy Rubber Top Mat.

This is a full rubber mat with a surface featuring a gripping pattern and grooves for extra traction. Underneath, patterned raised rubber nodules help to add anti slip features. The channel that runs for the length of the mat accommodates numerous cables without bunching. For additional risk reduction in the workplace vivid yellow borders highlight placement of the matting. Whenever you need to place it, the Loose Cable Protector Cable Tidy Mat can help contribute to a safer workplace.

One size – 40 x 120cm. Full rubber cable protection matting.

Suitable building types – industrial facility, office, hospitality, factory, workshop, garage, laboratory
Where do I place this mat in the building? – workstations, walkways, under desk, data station

Available with a nylon top here.

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