Scraper Horse Chequerboard Full Rubber Industrial Mat

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– Industrial workplace mat for fatigue-free standing – Catches and scrapes Dirt and debris – High level of grease, oil and solvent resistance, heat and cold resistant – One Size 115 × 175cm – Further information about this mat here


Hard Wearing, durable and dependable The Mat Expert Scraper Horse Chequerboard Full Rubber Industrial Mat is an excellent all round performer. Useful in kitchens, workshops, wet areas, production and industrial areas, outside or inside.
Considerable resistance to oil, grease and solvents and dependable when exposed to either heat or cold. Made from 100% tough nitrile rubber this industrial mat is easy to clean, hoover and/or jet wash. Effortless to maneuver into place and mat lays totally flat when in situ. Gives cushioned support underfoot in a working environment where consideration is given to co-workers spending long periods standing.

Rubber thickness 3.60 mm
The ScraperHorse Chequerboard Pattern Multipurpose Mat comes in one size 115 × 175cm

Suitable building types? – industrial warehousing, restaurant, cafe, factory, workshop, industrial production, hospitality, garage, yard
Where do I place this mat in the building? – outdoor entrance way, industrial work area, machine shop workstation, bar/hospitality, catering production, cafeteria, professional kitchen

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