SteadyMat Soft Anti Fatigue Mat Standing Desk

From: £59.49

  • Anti-fatigue mat providing support while standing, relief for muscles and joints
  • Perfect in an office, retail or hospitality environment
  • Unique massage zones to help tired feet & comforting soft 100% High-Twist nylon surface
  • x2 sizes 55x78cm & 85x150cm. x5 colours Black Blue, Black Steel, Granite, Black Mink, Black Scarlet
  • See further information about this mat here


Our SteadyMat Soft Anti Fatigue Mat Standing Desk is ideal to use in an office, hospitality or retail areas.

Made from hard wearing Nitrile Rubber (also known as nitrile-butadiene rubber an oil-resistant rubber produced from a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene) which makes it perfect for multipurpose uses. Topped with 100% high twist nylon for additional comfort. Featuring a non slip backing. Core made of foam rubber.

Use anywhere you need to stand for long periods to work. Ideal if you have standing desk and need a little extra support.

With a super cushioned profile for extra comfort the SteadyMat is best choice when you need extra support if you need or want to stand and work.

Low profile edges to minimise tripping hazard.

Find out more about how standing and working can be beneficial and how our SteadyMat Anti Fatigue Mat can help, here.

Various colours – Black Blue, Black Steel, Granite, Black Mink, Black Scarlet. x2 sizes 55x78cm & 85x150cm.

Backed by The Mat Expert 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Made in Europe.

Find out more about the health benefits of using anti-fatigue mats here.
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