VersaScrape Full Rubber Scraper Entrance Mat

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Rubber external non slip entrance mat – Pattern texture gives great traction – Liquid and dirt run off into grooves – Easy cleaning, brush and/or hose – Full mat rubber construction – One size 85 x 150cm

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The Mat Expert VersaScrape Full Rubber Scraper Entrance Mat provides a brilliant entrance barrier. When you have lots of muddy and wet feet coming into your building make sure you keep as much dirt outside as you can.

Suited to remain outside in all weather conditions, this is an extremely effective external entrance mat. With textured and flexible rubber blades set at alternate angles, catching and trapping dirt from footwear while providing good grip. This rubber entrance mat also has deep channels to allow water to run off.

The VersaScrape Entrance Mat comes in one size – 85 x 150cm

Where do I place the VersaScrape mat in the building? – External factory entrance, external office entrance, outdoor doorway, commercial office outside entrance

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