Why Do I Need An Anti Fatigue Mat?

If you stand for long periods of time, particularly on a hard and cold floor you risk exacerbating or even developing a range of conditions including long term musculoskeletal issues. The subtle shifting from foot to foot is a movement we seldom notice and take for granted but if you are standing on a hard cold floor it can cause unwanted wear and tear to your joints as well as draining your muscles resulting in fatigue. To guard against this and provide a safer working environment it is advisable to use some form of anti-fatigue matting. With an anti-fatigue mat you get the cushioned support you need in your muscles and joints.

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office worker standing on an Anti Fatigue floor mat

Some people choose to stand while working and there are numerous health benefits if you do. See also 7 Reasons Why You Should Stand While Working. For some though, the nature of the work they do means there is no choice but to stand while working. The Mat Expert has numerous different types of anti-fatigue mats and matting systems.

Our range of anti fatigue mats can be used in many different environments at work and at home

The Mat Expert range of anti fatigue mats can be used in many different environments at work and at home.

Industrial / Engineering / Production Matting – Whether it’s for an industrial environment that requires a hard wearing and chemical retardant mat our range includes several mats with these features as standard.

Catering And Food Production Matting – Our range of catering anti fatigue mats include resistance to bacteria and robust design that aids liquid drainage. They also have anti slip properties vital in areas where liquid and spillages are inevitable.

Anti Fatigue Matting At Home – Even at home you can find yourself standing for long periods while completing various tasks. Whether cooking, crafting, hobbies and working in the home office The Mat Expert has the anti-fatigue mat you need to combat weak muscles and joint wear and tear.

Hospitality And Retail – If you need an anti fatigue mat or matting system for a bar, leisure or retail setting we have a suitable range. When you and your staff have to spend many hours standing you need to have the right support to help combat tired muscles and joints.

Office And Reception – Do you have a standing desk or work station? If so you should probably consider the impact of standing has on your joints and muscles.